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From left to right meet Winnie (27), Wanu (30) and Nadia (31) our ladies from the housekeeping department. These power women have 10 (!) children in total and work 6 days in week at Bellevue Guesthouse.

Winnie's favorite place in Bellevue is the honeymoon suite, she loves the colors in the room and the space. According Nadia villa 2 is the most beautiful suite in Bellevue, this because of the interior design and terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean. The most romantic bed is located in bungalow 3 and that's why it's Wanu's favorite spot to clean.

All ladies are happy to work at Bellevue: "the garden with all the flowers is so beautiful and we work very hard to keep all rooms clean and nicely decorated. It's nice to meet guests from all over the world".

housekeeping ladies

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