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Meet our Chef!

Our restaurant at Bellevue is managed by our fantastic Chef Yussuf. Since 2013 he spoils our guests with tasty dishes inspired by the Swahili, European and Asian kitchen. In our restaurant we have a daily changing menu, so you can imagine that the kitchen book of our chef is full of recipes. His book is never ending, because Yussuf keeps himself busy creating new dishes. And we don't mind tasting them. Cigale lobster thermidor, grilled beef, aubergine masala or fish with fresh herbs...this is just a small selection of mouthwatering dishes that could be on our menu on any regular day. Special dinner evenings in Bellevue are a real joy; BBQ, Swahili buffet and sushi. On Friday our kitchen turns into a Japanese 'daidokoro', where Yussuf and his team prepare sushi for our guests, but also for visitors from outside. His own favorite food to eat is Swahili food. And Chef is more than happy to teach how to cook Swahili dishes during a cooking class!

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