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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the best months to travel to Zanzibar?
    Zanzibar experiences ideal holiday weather for most of the year. The heat of summer is often cooled by windy conditions, resulting in pleasant sea breezes, particularly on the North and East coasts. Being near to the equator, the island is warm all year round, Zanzibar is blessed with an average of 7-8 hours of sunshine daily! Short rains can occur in November but are characterised by short showers, which do not last long. The long rains normally occur in April and May although this is often referred to as the 'Green Season', and it typically doesn't rain every day during that time. Seasons: High season: 15 June – 31 March Low season: 1 April – 15 June & November Peak season: August and 15 december-15 January It's highly recommended to book upfront in both High and Peak season as we only have 12 bungalows!
  • In which currency can I pay?
    Bellevue guesthouse accepts payments in the following currencies: US dollar, Tanzanian Shilling, Euro and credit card (master/visa +3% charge). Traveller cheques are not accepted. Please take into account that US dollars notes older than 2007 are not accepted in Tanzania.
  • How does tidal change effect swimming in the ocean?
    Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth. The tides occur with a period of approximately 12 hours and 25 minutes, and with amplitude that is influenced by the alignment of the sun and moon and the shape of the near-shore bottom. Tidal changes on the East-Coast of Zanzibar Every 6 hours the tide changes from high to low tide. This means with low tide the water will be drawn back up to the reef, which is about 1km away from shore. The depth of the water left in the ocean will depend on the positioning of the moon. Around full moon the water is completely drawn back up to the reef. Around high tide you can swim everywhere. When the tide is going down you have a timeframe from around 3 hours around high tide to swim. When it's low tide there are always options to swim around lagoon area's close by or of course in our swimming pool. For tides timetable please check the sign at the Bellevue reception.
  • Where is Bellevue Guesthouse located?
    We are located 1 km north of Bwejuu and 5 km north of Paje. Both can be reached by a walk on the beach or via taxi /dala dala
  • Where can I find ATM’s and banks?
    You can find several ATM's in Paje. Other than that there are several ATM’s in Stone Town and at the airport. Note that due to power failure sometimes all ATM's are out of order, therefore we advise you to bring extra dollars or your credit card.
  • How far is Bellevue Guesthouse from the Airport / Ferry?
    Bellevue Guesthouse is about 1 hour drive from Stone Town. You can use our pick-up service for $40 dollar one way. *We understand your travel plans may change or your flight is delayed. Bellevue has a very simple cancellation policy; just give us 24-hour email notice prior to your pick up time. If not possible phone us on;+255 719 845 172 to confirm with the managers your change of plans or delay at-least 4 hours before arrival and we will give you a full refund. In all other cases we charge 100% of your pick up cost.
  • Can I book my safari also via Bellevue Guesthouse?
    Yes! We can give you some advice on great tour operators we work with, depending on where you live, we will advise you and give you the contact information of our favorite tour operators. Please contact us via this website of via email
  • Is Bellevue a good place for children?
    All families are welcome in Bellevue Guesthouse! We have baby cribs and toddler beds and our kitchen is used to cook for children. Our garden is a great place to play, just like our pool. Please note that we have no lifeguard on duty. Stay with your children at all times! The beach a great place to play, swim and find small shells.
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